Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Sterlet in San Francisco, Guam and the South China Sea

The Sterlet passes under the Golden Gate. Bigelow and Wallace are aft topside on anchor detail.

Here is another sailor getting ready to unfurl the flag as we pull into port.

The Sterlet steams past Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay

Crew in the After Battery Compartment somewhere in the South China Sea. White is to the left and Hirsh is to the right. Sailor in the middle is unnamed.

More rest and relaxation for Crewmembers in Guam. Nearest is our Yeoman. Center at the back is Rousch, Torpedoman's Mate 1st class. (My Boss).

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A View of 9/11 on 9/12

I guess I have been having a hard time dealing with the anniversary of 9/11. This was the most barbaric and murderous attack on innocent people in the history of the United States. The visions of Arabs dancing for joy in their streets still haunts me and my heart is filled with anger. 9/11 will always be a sad day for me. 9/11 has affected every life in this country and we will never be the same. I don't even know how to approach 9/11 in the blogosphere arena. So I just decided to post a picture I really like. Here it is. I hope you like it, too.