Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two Years Before the Periscope. Lahaina at Last!

Just as hundreds of years ago when the natives would paddle out in outrigger canoes to greet Captain Cook or Captain Bligh, the natives come to greet the Sterlet as it pulls into the ancient whaling port of Lahaina, Maui. Sterlet remained anchored off-shore because there was no place to moor a submarine in Lahaina.

Swim Call! Crew goes swimming off the stern of the Sterlet while she is anchored off Lahaina. Gee, the Navy was fun!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

USS Charr SS-328 in Yokosuka Drydock

Here is our good friend the USS Charr getting some repairs after some "minor" problems. This picture was taken sometime in January 1963 by Bob Polk with his new camera bought at the Naval Exchange at the Yokosuka shipyard. A nice camera could be had at a very good price.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sterlet and Charr SS-328 in Kobe Japan

Sterlet and Charr on a cold winter day in Japan

Looking forward from the aft end of the Sterlet. Crewman make repairs on top of the sail of Charr.

Sterlet is moored outboard Charr in Kobe, Japan.

Another view of Sterlet and Charr in Kobe.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Sterlet in Hong Kong 1963

The Sterlet SS-392 sits outboard the French Frigate "Victor Schoelcher" in Hong Kong Harbor. Victor Schoelcher, 1804–1893, was a French humanitarian and statesman. He was involved in the abolition movement, and presided over a commission that secured the abolition of slavery in French territory. Photo was taken in 1963.
Crewmembers watch the Hong Kong sights from the fantail while a little Sampan comes along side in search of discarded food. August Nagy sits on the cleat.
Clarence Wahlstrom, TM1, also known affectionately as "Cuddles" sits on the Sterlet gangplank enjoying a smoke.